A Wrld without Juice

I was put here to lead the lost souls

Exhale depression as the wind blows

These are the laws of living in vogue


We're perfectly imperfect children

Rose from the dust, all of us are on a mission

Never gave a fuck, really came from rags to riches

Now we live it up, driving with the rooftop missin'



Can you imagine living in an atmosphere where everyone there actually survive without the liquid we would usually get from and is obtained inside of vegetables and fruit? Could you see yourself biting into a ripe apple and not by instinct slurp the apple flavored water that helps it to be so juicy and delicious? What the hell would an orange or tomato be without the gooiness we both feel and envision from the outside of its beautiful glowing skin, just knowing that once its squeezed or cut into, it’s over? Pot smokers, in particular, might have a fit and a half if mangoes (said to help sustain the THC high effect of marijuana when eaten before, during or after a session) were no longer drenched with the extract it most normally needs to be in, assisting in its delightful tropical taste.

What makes this liquid we know as juice so great, important even, would be what it’s generally known to bring to the table of human life and how it helps us to essentially receive what the body needs. That said, then there’s the practice of Juicing. Many may be slightly, if not very familiar with devices such as: The Nutri-Bullet, a device derived to break down both vegetables and fruits in favor of allowing us to place cut up or in some instances full shaped foods into a formulated set of blades, whereas the juice is either extracted to be drank as a drink or its made into more or less a smoothie. The purpose of a product like this or others like the Hamilton Beach which is popular for separating the pulp, or cell tissues from the fruit or veggie juice is for the process of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants to be made more easy to consume.

When fruit or veggies are dried or its juice taken away, it gets hard. If not exactly dried to a crisp and made chewy, fruit or veggies without its liquid component, although still good to eat, is often tougher, often a different experience. Needless to say, for so many reasons upon reasons, having the awesomeness of juice as a part of our world of so many fluids is culturally impossible to do without and a world without it would most likely present many problems to how we’d find an alternative way to get some of the most potent things into our system in order for our minds to function on its most realest level possible.

American Hip Hop Artist Jarad Anthony Higgins, known professionally as Juice Wrld and born in Chicago, Illinois could be remembered for being exactly what the world needed, at the right time. Entering the charts with the heart-stopping single “All Girls are the Same”, a sing-songy melodic delivery, Juice brought the listener into an environment of internal chaos, emotional torment and spiritual bereavement, its message broken down like a Juicer does, as mentioned above. Having known the pain of seemingly losing out on a heavily involved investment of love, Mr. Higgins delivered his material from a place of unhealed hurt. Is it possible for a person to be the medicine for millions of others and a hazard or poison to themselves, at the same damn time they’re doing the same damn thing? Not sure there’s truly an answer for that honest inquiry but in examining the much publicized journey of King Jarad, it proves to most definitely to be a question worth asking, along with how does a society (which is full of people wanting to say Goodbye & Good Riddance) prevent a next time.

It’s safe to say, this Wasted Wizard called Wrld became the minerals to a lot of people’s misery. At the young age of 21, he had accomplished over and over again what plenty of people work their entire lives to do, touch someone and feel the love back while remaining true to who you really are. Opening his heart through his music, helping thousands grow to a point of letting out their emotions and develop ways to better express themselves was ultimately the result. Lots of times, people’s Middle name end up helping to define who they become. In this case, perhaps it was the Anthony part, or core of Jarad Juice World Higgins, which convinced himself to control his own narrative by displaying such courage in sharing his story of letdown, disappointment, pain and disaster with millions around the globe through being super transparent with how he dealt with it. What is clear is that it’s no accident an adolescent would be only inching his way into adulthood while yet having experienced these intimate intricacies of life so early, living long enough to tell about it in a way that is sure to go down as one of the more timely and timeless ways one could ever perhaps fulfill their purpose before passing.

In hearing the heart behind the music, Juice’s content provided a variety of vitamins to what otherwise could be seen as a violent and volatile WRLD, where problems are made apparent and solutions seem to evaporate or disappear into the far distances of our own individual despair. Smash hit singles like Lean wit Me, where the Pop Star Artist says “Told her if I die, I’ma die young” and on Wasted “Why’s she so demonic? She’s Medusa wit a lil Pocahontas” or on Armed & Dangerous “show that not only was Juice WRLD aware of the extreme emotional a false flame or failed love can have on a young man’s emotional makeup and soul but he’d also seemed to be finding temporary ways to cope the best way he could find, as he succeeded in saying what millions of others felt.

Juice didn’t just make music for himself, his wealth and therapy. His message was for the world. Lots of people are hurting and don’t know how to find lasting peace within, a place Mr. Jarad Higgins may have ran out of time to look. What it seems he knew, however, was that by opening up the dark place his pieces were penned from, many others around the world would no longer feel alone, especially those whom “problem solve with Styrofoam”. There is a freeing energy in this and that is why a Wrld without Juice would never have worked, regardless of the benefits many may have previously either failed to see or purposely ignored prior to this perspective being provided to the public.

We’re responsible for seeing the best in those around us, the entities and establishments, brands or businesses we support. It’s also wise to think that by wanting the best for them, we actually mean we’re willing to put in the time, effort, energy and attention into figuring out what it takes to actually begin taking the steps toward becoming the best we can be for ourselves… Then each other.

Juice, salute.

What’s your flavor?